Event Planning Solutions

As your trade show services provider, we approach the relationship with the intention that we’ll become partners for the long haul. If your event is young, we enjoy growing with you. We’ve done this many times before. If your event is established, we’ll take it on with the same level of pride. If your event is growing, then we are scalable and experienced in supporting event growth.

Our knowledge and experience provides for resourcefulness that greatly benefits you and your exhibitors. From managing the logistics and installation of complex machinery on the exhibit floor to creating a 20,000 gallon log rolling pond inside a convention centre to providing green event solutions, when it comes to capabilities – whatever the market (in any market)- the Darwin Event Group is your team.

Our Event Planning Solutions include:

Show Design and Attendee Experience – we work with you to create a look and feel that reflects your event’s brand, creates a mood that fits your attendees and maximizes attendee flow and interaction.
• Theme and Design Development
• Registration Furnishings
• Entranceways & Kiosks
• Common area design for networking, education, etc.

Show Furnishings – Our furnishings help create an exciting show floor
that will appeal to your attendees.
• Furniture
• Carpet & Floor Covering
• Drapery
• Floral Décor
• Meeting Room Equipment
• Modular Systems

Show Site Services – With the Darwin Event Group your exhibitors can be rest assured that their exhibit
will be handled with the best care and expedient service.
• Forklift and Rigging
• Utilities
• Material Handling/Drayage
• Logistics & Transportation
• Labour

Green Solutions – We’re committed to making our world a greener place with environmentally friendly practices and products.
• Electronic communication – online exhibitor manuals and order forms have replaced traditional paper manuals.
• Recycling – we adhere to strict energy efficient and recycling practicesin our warehouse, office and when we’re on-site.
• Lighting – we use energy efficient light bulbs in our warehouse, office and at our shows.
• Transportation – we’ve replaced our fleet with newer more energy efficient vehicles.
• Products – we are investing in products and components made of recycled materials.
• Equipment – drapery and carpet are spot cleaned rather than laundering entire sections
• Cleaning – we use biodegradable cleaning products and processes that are not harmful to the environment.